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Ski Free on your Birthday and Crested Butte Mountain Resort's 50th Birthday!

Posted on 11/2/2011

Crested Butte Mountain Resort's 50th Birthday Celebration November 23, 2011

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High Altitude Tips

Posted on 1/12/2011

Visitors to mountain resort towns may feel the effects of high altitude. Including shortness of breath (because there is less oxygen at higher altitudes), dizziness (because you're not getting as much oxygen as your body is accustomed to), and headaches. Here are a few recommendations to decrease the likelihood of altitude sickness. Increase Fluid Intake, Decrease Salt Intake, Moderate Your Physical Activity, Eat High Carbohydrate, Low Fat Meals; Reduce Alcohol and Caffeine Intake, Feeling Worse? Seek Help

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Posted on 1/12/2011 by Valerie Butler

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